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Tirukochi Residency

Tirukochi residency is the crown diamond among all the heritage projects we have undertaken. This 150-year-old ancestral home with traditional Kerala architecture has history of its own and a unique charm. This place takes you back in time. Being true to the rich historical components of the site was the key challenge in this project.

thirukochi residency

Creating a Conceptual design

Creating a conceptual design about the restoration and renovation of the heritage building needs a heritage specialist. This conceptual design needs to understand the historical components of the heritage building and levels of protection required by each one of them. This design process is important to identify the budget required for the project. Our specialized heritage renovation team focus on putting forward most innovative conceptual design after a thorough investigation of the site and surroundings with cutting edge technological  equipment.

Replacing the irreplaceable

Most of the heritage structures feature so much of construction materials that have not been used in more than a century. These materials may not have the strength to withstand the use of modern chemical and physical construction tools and techniques. Abuse of modern materials and tools on these aged buildings can cause enduring destruction. It is important to use the proper tools and techniques for the restoration process to replace and renovate the heritage properties. Inode’s specialized team have the vast expertise in understanding and replacing the irreplaceable with innovative products without diminishing the real beauty of the component.

thirukkochi residency
thirukochi residency image

Adding appropriate modern elements

Maintaining mid-century authenticity while adding modern conveniences and usefulness can be a balancing act. These heritage buildings typically provide a unique experience for occupants and truly go beyond the test of time. So, it is important to create a sustainable plan to make maximum use of existing materials. This will also help to plan the stock required for the project. The complications associated with the historic building could affect the plans to add modern elements to the structure. We need to make sure to use, maintain and repair as much of the original structural system as possible. When modern features are needed, we need to ensure that the building can support such additions. Historic buildings usually have structural systems that may require sensitivity when changing or repairing its elements.