A Deleep Inodes Design

Residential Projects

Inodes is a custom residential architectural firm with passion and expertise for contemporary design. Our company’s vision and purpose are to create inviting and exclusive homes. We explore new ideas to make your house a “heavenly home.” Our team will have a keen eye on your requirements and desires, and explore the untapped potential of your property.

Heritage Projects

Heritage buildings have eccentric character. A heritage building renovation in turn implies the preservation of the history of the neighborhood. This add immense responsibility on the shoulders of a heritage site renovation firm. This responsibly also include ensuring the proper maintenance and upkeeping of heritage components in good condition. Having a skilled and experienced team for Heritage site renovation is crucial to any heritage renovation plans. This is where Inodes becomes the key partner to your heritage site development plans.

Hospitality Projects

Forward-thinking architecture empowers creativity in the hospitality sector. We imagine hospitality as a positive experience in the offices as warm, welcoming environments. We recognize generosity as we believe it should be and set for designing each practice to achieve its own highest potential.

Commercial Projects

We craft every type of solution that is best for your organisation, reinforcing your brand and supporting your success. Our designs do far more than promoting your business. Our tailored plans give form to your random idea, concepts and allow your business to provide an outstanding customer experience.

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