A Deleep Inodes Design

Amberdale , Munnar

Amberdale, formely known as Plum Judy – which is located on a high altitude is an eye catching one because of its inspirational landscape of Munnar, Kerala. The idea to build this property high up above the hills was to make sure that you can work undisturbed, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday business. The hotel is so designed that one side of the hotel faces towering hills and on the other side is the valley which has excellent scenic beauty, panoramic views, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings that makes the guests dream come true.

Tucked away in a charming and peaceful interior courtyard in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, the entirely refurbished hotel Amber Dale offers rooms that are decorated in a joyful manner in a fashion-able vintage style.